Himalaya, Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teachers

Sadhvi Lalita Nand Ji
Yoga Master
Although the ashram has a spiritual guru, it is the gentle Lalita-ji whose face will be seen each day by students. She is the guide of the retreat, leading students through meditation, daily asana practice and evening kirtan with her deep knowledge and warm heart.
Sadhvi Lalita Nand ('Lalita-ji') moved to Phool Chatti Ashram in 1988 in response to an intense desire to lead a spiritual life. Leaving behind all family ties she decided instead to lead a simple life devoted entirely to the service of God.
After completing her schooling, Lalita-ji immersed herself in the yoga discipline, training at many institutions . Drawing on her knowledge of hatha and ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and as the result of many years practice, Lalita-ji is able to perform many complex yoga postures with ease. Lalita-ji is also able to play many musical instruments and leads kirtan sessions every evening in the ashram.


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